What a truly global, scalable Voxeet means for you

Stephane Giraudie

It’s no secret that Voxeet is growing fast. With demand for Voxeet 4.0’s powerful collaboration tools on the rise and plenty of international buzz, we needed new ways to meet the swiftly growing global demand for our clear, simple TrueVoice 3D conference calls.

Enter ClearScale. We teamed up with this preferred Amazon partner to expand our infrastructure and up our automation capabilities, making Voxeet more global and scalable than ever.

So what does that mean for you? An even better Voxeet:

  • Truly global calls (that still sound local): With our beefed-up global infrastructure and intelligent media routing from 4 AWS regions, you’ll experience clear, local-sounding conferences no matter where in the world you—or your teammates—are calling from.
  • Less lag: Dynamic call routing technology ensures your call always takes the lowest-latency path across four continents. In Europe and Asia, for example, we’ve reduced latency from 200ms to 80ms. Because your conversation is too important to wait.
  • Extra automation: Automated releases and deployments ensure product improvements get to you faster and more reliably. And free up our team’s time to keep delivering—and improving on—the best-in-class sound and awesome features you’ve come to expect.

Read more about the nuts and bolts of our partnership in ClearScale’s case study, or simply start conferencing to enjoy the fruits of an scalable, more-global-than-ever Voxeet.

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