WebRTC Safari 11 support – New Voxeet SDK

Stephane Giraudie

Voxeet Support Safari 11

We’re excited to announce that Voxeet is now compatible with the Safari Browser!

Last September, Apple released Safari 11— the first Safari version to offer WebRTC compatibility. The result: Developers can now bring Voxeet’s next-generation audio and video to the world’s one billion Apple devices (without any complex workarounds).


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Thanks to Apple’s rollout of Safari 11, you no longer need to download an app to call someone on your phone via the Internet. You can now launch Voxeet’s crystal-clear audio on Mobile SDK and all browsers, via version 1.4.1 of the web Voxeet SDK.

Safari 11 also lets anyone with an iPhone join a next-generation video call directly through their browser. The new release supports the h264 video codec, letting you launch seamless 720p Voxeet video to Safari on IOS, and Chrome on Android, with full video support for Mobile SDK coming soon.

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