Voxeet, Hot Vendor 2017

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Voxeet named a 2017 Hot Vendor by Aragon Research


Exciting news! Top analyst firm Aragon Research has dubbed us a “Hot Vendor” in Unified Communications and Collaboration for 2017.

Each year, Aragon Research selects Hot Vendors across multiple markets who have interesting, cutting-edge products, services, or technologies.

This year, they selected Voxeet over thousand of UCC companies, based on Voxeet’s performance in three specific categories, according to Aragon Research CEO and lead analyst Jim Lundy:

  • Real Time Collaboration: “Businesses want multiple UCC capabilities in one product, and Voxeet delivers by combining tools for real-time collaboration, like audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, and call recording.”
  • Sound technology: “Voice is still core, and Voxeet has the best sound on the market, thanks to its 3D Surround Sound TrueVoice technology.”
  • Mobile: “Mobile is the future, and Voxeet is able to deliver these capabilities in a mobile fashion.”

Check out the interview here: https://youtu.be/8t3HYUDRMHw


Interview of Jim Lundy

Interview of Jim Lundy

Aragon is very selective in who makes the Hot Vendor list.

“Many of our Hot Vendors from three years ago have done quite well—some have IPO’d,” said Lundy. “Our Hot Vendors in Unified Communications and Collaboration are poised for explosive growth, in part due to the perfect storm of user demand and the ability to actually deliver real-time collaboration in the cloud.”

To read the full report and see why they have chosen Voxeet rather than a thousand of other companies, visit Aragon Website.


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