Voxeet UX Toolkit

Our shortcut to premium audio and video chat


  • Easy to Integrate

    Can you copy and paste a few lines of code? Then you can add premium audio, video chat and more to your app in 5 minutes.

  • Universal Support

    We have you covered. Works on both mobile and web apps, and supports all core code languages (Swift, Android, Javascript, React, and Angular).

  • Solve User Problems, Not Development Problem

    Shift your team’s focus off lengthy development cycles, and onto delighting your users with new, premium features for maximum impact and engagement.

Optimized around your use cases

Collaboration & Project Management

It’s funny. Today, teams are collaborating more than ever, while team members are working farther and farther from each other. Help your users bridge that distance by giving them our combined seamless messaging, voice, and video suite.

Customer Relationship Management

Sometimes, a CSR chatbox just isn’t enough. Sometimes, your customers want more. Deepen your customer relationships, solve their problems faster, and increase their satisfaction and loyalty by giving them a real person to really talk to.

E-Learning, Expanded

Help your teachers/coaches transform their className. Whether they teach one-on-one or to a live group, your teachers need a single, simple platform to engage their students in high definition.

Every feature you need, on any platform you want. Voxeet supports a full suite of features for both mobile and web.

Mobile Tech Specs

Answer an incoming call

  • Features

    Voice Call with 3D Surround Sound
    HD Video Call
    Live Video – Broadcasting
    iOS Screensharing
    Video or Audio Message
    Call Recording (Streaming & MP4)
    Subtitles with Live Translation
    Available Transcript
    File Presentation
    Incoming Calls & Notifications (Apple CallKit )

  • iOS

    OS Supported: iOS 9.0 and above
    Languages: Swift 4.0+, Objective-C
    Framework: React Native, Cordova

  • Android

    OS Supported: CreamSandwich and above
    Languages: Java, Kotlin
    Framework: React Native, Cordova

  • Platform

    Time to connect and time to talk as low as 2s
    Global Availability with low latency from any country

Rapidly Prototype

Not sure if audio and video chat are right for your app?
Launch Voxeet today, and start collecting real-world feedback and see how it performs.