One2Team delivered a one-stop-shop for team collaboration

Company Bio

One2Team is an all-in-one collaboration solution for strategic initiatives, strategy execution, business transformation, and project management. The software allows teams to digitally convene around a single project and track each other’s work so that they can collaborate more quickly and eliminate redundancies.


“Now 0ne2Team’s highly flexible platform, immersive user experience, real-time dashboards and all-in-one collaboration has been enhanced even more by a one click 3D conferencing experience.” Stephane Schirrecker, Chief Product Officer One2team

The Challenge

Despite making it easier for teams to manage large projects, One2Team discovered that users were still finding it difficult to connect in real time. One2Team offered no in-app capabilities for group calls or video conferences, so users had to resort to third-party apps that required too much time to orchestrate and execute calls.

Why Voxeet

One2Team understood that most conference calling tools still don’t meet basic sound quality requirements, resulting in dropoffs, cross-talk, audio friction, and the inability of participants to hear (or worse, understand) everything discussed. They wanted in-app sound and video quality that would distinguish them from the competition.


The Impact

One2Team became a one-stop-shop for every component of team collaboration. When users wanted to hop on a call, they could in real-time without delay or having to switch apps. Leveraging the breadth of Voxeet’s features, One2Team was also able to provide screensharing and real-time transcription to eliminate the dreaded task of writing and disseminating follow-up meeting notes.



  • In-app conference calling
  • Enhanced contextual collaboration
  • Improved agility and operational efficiency

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