Monster Messenger

Monster Messenger Selected Voxeet’s API to integrate next-generation voice and video calling into their social application.

Company Bio

Monster Messenger is a social network with internal messaging that gives parents a safe way to introduce their children to mobile platforms.

Monster Messenger gives parents two critical controls over their child’s use. First, parents are able to validate or block all invitations their child receives. Second, parents can monitor all content their child sends and receives.


Screenshots Edupad

“Every social app now needs voice and video calling. Voxeet gave us both, and kept our customers happy and loyal to our app.” Jérôme Serre, CTO of eduPad

The Challenge


Monster Messaging grew rapidly and reached over 200,000 (MAU) users within two years. Over those years, they received an increasing volume of user comments asking for voice and video calling features.

However, creating voice and video was easier said than done. All content on the app need to be encrypted, which opened a set of technical challenges eduPad wasn’t prepared to tackle in-house. They lacked the global infrastructure required to scale these calls, but even if they had the infrastructure in place, they still needed to find the proper audio algorithms and WebRTC expertise required to reliably produce low-latency, high-quality calls.


Why Voxeet?


Monster Messenger learned that Layer selected Voxeet to provide their customers with “concert-hall quality” voice and video calling. Monster Messenger initially approached Voxeet to bring industry leading sound quality ensure to their app’s voice and video calling features. After speaking with Voxeet, Monster Messenger felt additionally impressed by Voxeet’s commitment to customer support, and their 3D sound algorithm that produced enhanced comprehension via true directional audio reproduction.



The Impact


By partnering with Voxeet, Monster Messenger stayed ahead of their competition and retained their customers. By 2018, half of their daily feedback requested voice and video calling, and a number of their key competitors had either already integrated this feature, or were actively considering doing so. By integrating Voxeet’s API, Monster Messenger gained industry leading voice and video call functionality that aligned tightly with their commitment to safety and parental controls.



  • Resolved 50% of customer requests with one integration.
  • Quickly accelerated app functionality past its much larger competition.
  • Added high quality voice and video calling with full external customer support.

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