Tapped Voxeet’s voice & video API to create a platform for unified communication

Company Bio

Layer is a customer conversation platform, enabling companies and their customers to have immediate, interactive and personalized experiences from any digital interface

Layer developer friendly messaging toolkit – UI kits, SDKs, and APIs let developers focus on building great experiences instead of reinventing the infrastructure.


One key partnership we’ve made is with Voxeet, the company that integrates concert-hall voice/video quality into Layer customer conversations.” Ron Palmeri, CEO of Layer

The Challenge

Using a messaging platform to organize a meeting can be frustrating. You don’t always know if people have seen your messages; it’s hard to agree on complex topics, and if you miss a thread, it takes time to catch up. Voice calling is equally challenging. There’s usually no written record of the call, and people often need time to make decisions and get feedback.


Why Voxeet?

Layer believed that unified communication was the future of collaboration. They liked that with just a few lines of code, companies would be able to integrate Voxeet into the Layer SDK and take advantage of Voxeet’s 3D immersive audio. They also liked that Voxeet provides an optimized UX toolkit for iOS and Android.

The Impact

Layer became a leading provider for unified communication. In addition to industry-best chat and messaging functionality, users can now integrate audio and video calling with just a few lines of code. They also can add screen sharing, call recording, dial-in, and broadcasting.


  • Expedited the process for adding audio & voice calling to an app
  • Synthesized asynchronous and synchronous communication
  • No crosstalk, garbled voices, or distracting background noise

Power your app with Voxeet

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