Industry created an end-to-end tool for talent discovery

Company bio

Industry’s candidate management system matches job seekers with companies in the service and hospitality industry. The platform helps recruiters get out from under the weight of impersonal resumes to build their brands and recruit talent. It helps job seekers take advantage of the platform to grow their networks and find their dream jobs.


“After all the meetings we had with different service providers, Voxeet had the clearest Audio and video and the technology seemed to be the easiest to integrate” - Varun Villait, CEO

The Challenge

Industry was great at making initial connections between recruiters and candidates but offered no way for those connections to advance within the platform. Hiring managers had to turn to third-party applications to schedule and conduct interviews. This led to delays or lost connections and created a gap in the ideal workflow.


Why Voxeet

Industry wanted to build an in-app method for hiring managers to interview prospects. They wanted this to include immersive sound and clear video, so that it felt like participants were in the same room. There could be no challenges with latency, no delays, no dropped calls, no fuzzy faces.

The Impact

Industry transformed itself into a complete tool for end-to-end talent discovery and hiring. By leveraging a partnership between Layer and Voxeet, the company was able to add features so that recruiters could message prospects and schedule interviews and then, thanks to Voxeet’s TrueVoice technology, interview them effectively and efficiently.



  • Added in-app HD voice and video calling
  • Helped reduce average interviewing time from 5 hours to just over 2
  • Gave managers complete control over the end-to-end hiring process

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