Used Voxeet to build a zero latency platform for live webinars

Company Bio

EasyWebinar hosts live and automated webinars on its cloud-based webinar platform. The company helps over seven thousand customers deepen their relationships with their existing audiences, generate leads, and use live and automated webinar funnels to increase sales.


“This technology will revolutionize live and engaged webinars.” — EasyWebinar CEO Casey Zeman

The Challenge

Reliance on outside platforms led to delays between video and audio during live webinars. Speakers sometimes were unable to share links in real time because the stream was too slow. And users were unable to host webinars with over 20 thousand attendees.


Why Voxeet

EasyWebinar explored technologies that would enable them to build their own proprietary livestream system. They wanted that system to be reliable and cutting-edge, full of add-on features that would redefine engagement for their customers. And they wanted the process to be fast and affordable. These demands led them to Voxeet.


With Voxeet’s help, EasyWebinar built an industry-leading livestreaming platform with HD voice and video and no latency. Our TrueVoice technology allowed them to add lots of exciting features to their webinars, like multiple broadcasters in a room, crisp screen sharing, and instant recording to create evergreen webinars.





  • Lessened latency gap from 10 to zero
  • Enabled webinars above 20,000 viewers
  • Added real-time engagement with attendees

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