SDKs for TrueVoice 3D audio

Stephane Giraudie

Voxeet introduces SDKs for easy access to TrueVoice 3D audio


We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Developer Portal and SDK. With Voxeet SDK, developers can easily integrate Voxeet’s 3D TrueVoice audio, along with our messaging and collaboration tools, into their websites or mobile apps.

Powered by WebRTC and our award-winning TrueVoice technology, Voxeet SDK offers high definition, surround sound audio that makes conference calls and instant collaborations more effective every time. Our SDKs for browsers and mobile devices let you rapidly integrate our 3D TrueVoice audio and convenient messaging and collaboration capabilities directly into your website or mobile app. Designed for developers, Voxeet software products offer quick, easy access to the proprietary technology that just landed us on Gartner’s 2016 list of Cool Vendors.

Listen to a sample of the clear, immersive experience Voxeet TrueVoice delivers, or visit our new Developer Portal to learn more.

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