The Next-Generation WebRTC Platform Has Arrived: And Now it’s Even Easier to Deploy

Stephane Giraudie

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You asked for it, and we listened… today we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Developer’s Portal!

At Voxeet, we work hard every day to fulfill a simple mission: we’re getting rid of the tinny audio, fuzzy video, and unreliable voice & video functionality that still plague so many web applications.

To solve these problems, we developed our Proprietary TrueVoice Technology. It delivers crystal-clear 3D surround sound, and beautiful, zero-latency video capabilities.

Our WebRTC-driven tech lets you bring voice & video functionality to your app that allows any combination of video participants—from a simple two-person video chat to a multi-party conference—and broadcasts to up to 5,000 viewers in real-time.


Market-Leading Voice & Video, Without the Headaches

We packaged this functionality up in an SDK that makes it fast, simple, and easy for developers like you to bring the world’s highest-quality voice & video capabilities to your app development.

With Voxeet, you can bring full audio & video functionality to your app without deploying costly on-premise hosting, or developing deep technical knowledge of complex video coding.

Our tech leverages WebRTC to combine market-leading sound quality with lightning-fast deployment via our UX toolkit. We provide SDKs for web browsers (webRTC and plugin) including iOS, Android, and macOS.

In sum: partner with us, and you receive a consistent API that accelerates your app’s time-to market and lowers your development costs.

Bringing Voxeet to Your App Just Got Easier

From day one, we have offered 24/7 real-time monitoring and hands-on support to help developers like you get off the ground with Voxeet ASAP.

But today, we took another big step to make sure you really feel like part of our team…


We now offer you a full Developer’s Portal.


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Your new Developer’s Portal collects everything you need to get up and running with Voxeet, and puts it all on one page. Right now, that includes:


Your Dashboard


Your Developer’s Portal offers one-click access to your application Dashboard, and logs you directly into your account.

From your Dashboard, you will be able to manage your application and SDK keys, monitor your usage, and configure your webhooks— everything you need to keep Voxeet running smoothly within your applications.


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free video call api for websites



Your Quickstart Documentation


Receive instant access to your Quickstart Documentation—including your Sample App, UX Toolkit, and more.

Your Quickstart Documentation provides you with all the tools you need to get up and running with our SDKs in only 4 minutes.


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Your Reference Guide


Our SDK is your secret weapon that adds a full spectrum of communication functionality to your app. Your reference guide provides a full index of all the functions you can add to your app via Voxeet.

Want to add a feature that lets your users start a call with a specific user ID in your web-based app? Want to change user’s virtual sound position to reproduce a real meeting room, in both Android and iOS?

Whatever you’re looking to do, you’ll find the function (and how to code it) in your reference guide.


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Over time, we will continue to build up our new Developer’s Portal. We plan to quickly add access to your logs, debug functionality, billing, and other critical items.

But for today, take our new Developer’s Portal—and Voxeet itself—for a spin. Sign up to try our WebRTC-driven 3D Sound in your app, and receive your first 3,000 minutes of Voxeet usage for free!

All the best,


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