We’re Launching 3 New Critical Collaboration Functions in Voxeet!

Stephane Giraudie

Today, we’re excited to add three of your most-requested features to Voxeet—File Presentation, Video Presentation, and Screensharing!

Here are the details on each…

File Presentation

You can now use Voxeet to upload and share PPT and PDF documents within your app. Work with your team to collaboratively develop a slide deck that tells the story of your recent projects.

Review a whitepaper with your leadership team and discuss an appropriate response your industry’s trends. Give a quarterly performance presentation to your remote stakeholders.

Whatever your report or presentation, you can now share it within a Voxeet call. Available on iOS, Android, and Web, via our SDK.


Video Presentation

Voxeet now lets you upload and share video files within your app. Share a motivational video with your sales team during your next video chat.

Present a pre-recorded educational video during a training call with new recruits. Provide your clients with a slickly-produced pre-recorded video that illustrates key points during your next live remote class. Anytime a pre-recorded video can illustrate, expand, or otherwise add value to your next live video chat, load and share that clip via Voxeet’s API. Available on iOS, Android via our SDK.



And finally, you can now share your screen with other participants on your Voxeet call.

Jump on a call with technical support and let them see what’s happening on your screen while they troubleshoot your app.

Review your initial draft of your writing or design assignment with your stakeholder, and receive point-by-point feedback. During your weekly meeting with your boss, walk them through the priorities list in your collaboration app and make sure each item is still relevant.

Bring others into your day-to-day work life during a Voxeet video call with our new screensharing feature. Available on iOS, Android, and Web, via our SDK or even faster and easier with our UX Toolkit.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these three new features! If you’re an existing user, you’ll find these features are now available to deploy in your app. And if you’re not yet a Voxeet user, click here to go ahead and grab your free 3,000 minute trial today!

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