Future of Collaboration

Stephane Giraudie

We are living in the golden age of online collaboration tools.

It’s crazy, really, just how many productivity apps are out there these days. One for email. Another for calendaring. A third and fourth and fifth for file sharing, messaging and CRM. The list goes on so long that I could keep you scrolling for hours.

Here’s the problem: Skipping back and forth between all of these tools that are supposed to make us more efficient creates new inefficiencies. Worse, the tools themselves are built on an asynchronous mode of working. You perform some task — pitch an idea, pen a document, provide feedback — and then you’re left in limbo as to when your colleague will respond. As a result, we’re losing the benefit of real-time feedback and collaboration, and these tools that are supposed to draw us closer together often end up siloing us off even more.

That’s why integrating real-time voice and video communication into collaboration tools is so important. It gives colleagues a chance to hop on a call or see each other face to face at the click of a button, without going through the rigmarole of scheduling a time in a calendaring app or reaching out to an assistant via email and looking for a window a week in the future. It’s a needless delay, especially with the wonders of WebRTC, which allows any developer to integrate voice and video calling into their application.

Even if a colleague isn’t immediately available, we can offer an in-app option where you can see your colleague’s availabilities and schedule a call yourself in a matter of seconds. It’s automatically synched into your calendar, and when that time rolls around, the app will automatically call both of you. There’s no friction. There’s no wasted time. With a solution like Voxeet, built on voice over IP, the sound quality is unrivalled and business-reliable even for large groups.

This is the future of collaboration.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that real-time voice and video communication is the only way to get stuff done. My point is that this type of synchronous communication is a vital piece of the puzzle, and if collaboration tools overlook it they’re asking to become obsolete. Already we’re seeing more and more collaboration tools wake up to this reality. To name a few, Slack, Blackboard Collaborate and Zoho have all recently added in-app voice and video calling. The result? Increased engagement, improved productivity of their users and stronger retention on their platform.





The opportunities go beyond project management tools, by the way. Think about the last time you used Uber or Lyft. A great app experience that ended with you on a scratchy phone call talking to a driver you could barely hear, trying to describe where you are or where you’ll be in five minutes when they circle the block. That phone call should exist within the app, you should never have to disclose your phone number, and the sound quality should be crystal clear — all of which is easily accomplished with a solution like Voxeet.

Or think about dating apps. So many people meet online these days, and most of those people can attest to the fact that it’s brutally asynchronous (aka lots of waiting). Why not integrate in voice and video calling so that when you do make an initial match you can strike up a conversation on the spot, and you can do it through the app without disclosing your number, which protects you from months of awkward texts if the initial chemistry is a dud. That just makes sense.

Dating app Badoo adds video chat to help you filter out creeps

I could keep going here. In the future, you’ll be able to have real-time conversations with customer support agents rather than waiting in a widget for a typed response. You’ll be able to reach out to contacts in your CRM platforms with a click of a button without leaving the app.

And the best part is that this isn’t some flowery vision of a far-off time. It’s already here. The technology has arrived. Have you?



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