Finally, A True Alternative to Tokbox

Stephane Giraudie

You might want to give Voxeet a try.

At Voxeet, we don’t coast. We listen intently to the developers who bring immersive 3D voice and crystal-clear video to their app via our API.

The result: we follow an evolving customer-centric roadmap that keeps us constantly adding new collaboration features, beefing up our ease-of-use, and improving the quality of our industry-leading voice & video functionality.

So before you decide if Tokbox is right for you—or while you consider whether or not you want to stick with Tokbox—ask yourself a few simple questions.


Does Tokbox deliver the voice & video quality I’m looking for?

Maybe you are developing a corporate collaboration app that requires a high level of professionalism. Or maybe you’re developing a medical app where a single missed word can be a matter of life or death.

No matter your app’s audience, audio quality matters.

We’re known to have the industry’s best sound. In recent years we’ve received both a Gartner Cool Vendor award, and an Aragon Research Hot Vendor award.

We provide crystal-clear, immersive 3D audio on every Voxeet call, and bring high-definition to each of our video services—including those video features where Tokbox skimps on the quality. (For example, Tokbox offers screensharing at just 15 frames-per-second, while we offer screensharing at 30 frames-per-second.)

Does Tokbox provide all the features I require?

We’ve found that many developers aren’t looking for just voice & video chat. Many developers see voice & video chat as just one feature within a broader suite of collaboration tools they are adding to their app.


Unfortunately, Tokbox lacks many of the collaboration tools developers want. Real-time captioning and automated speech-to-text transcription.

Real-time translation from real people (either voice-to-voice or via transcription). File presentation. Video presentation. These are just a few of the critical collaboration tools you get with Voxeet that Tokbox won’t give you.


Does Tokbox offer the level of customer support I expect? 

Some people need some hand-holding during integration. Others want assurance that everything will go smoothly when they’re about to roll out a new video chat feature to thousands of their users.

No matter your sticking point, you’ll likely hit a time when you ask for a little assistance from the team behind your API.

Tokbox has been in pure “growth” mode for years now, which appears to have put their focus on acquiring new customers over spending as much time as necessary supporting their existing users.

We give premium customer service to all of our users, which includes 24/7 support and a a dedicated slack channel that lets our users speak directly with our developer. 


Am I really getting what I’m paying for with Tokbox?

No need to belabor this simple point. Voxeet offers all the above for about 70% less than Tokbox. Why would you pay much more to get much less?


Ready to Try a Tokbox Alternative?

We invite you to see (and hear) the difference for yourself.

If you’re an existing Tokbox user, we’ve made it easy to switch. Depending on the complexity of your integration, you can seamlessly switch from Tokbox to Voxeet in just 3-14 days.

If you are not an existing Tokbox user, try out Voxeet for free before you make your choice. Click here and redeem your free 3,000 minutes trial of Voxeet today.


Is It Time to Try Something New?

When it comes down to it, only you can answer these questions, and make the call if Tokbox is still the right voice & video API provider for you.

We’ll just offer this. If it turns out you run through these questions, and end up feeling like it might be time to transition off Tokbox, we’d like to humbly suggest you try out Voxeet instead.

We’ve made it as easy as possible to transition (in about 3-10 days). And if you feel on the fence and aren’t ready to go ahead and pull the trigger just yet, we invite you to give us a short try with 3,000 free minutes.


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