Webhooks are user-defined HTTP callbacks triggered by an event in a web application. Voxeet uses webhooks to asynchronously let your application know when events happen, for example conference creation, conference end, participant added, removed etc.

The Webhook can be configured through the developer portal.

Configuring Webhooks

To integrate your service with the Voxeet webhook mechanism you'll need to configure within your developer dashboard.

1. Login and click your Dashboard
2. Select your app from Your Apps
3. Select the Webhooks heading
4. Click the New webhook button
5. Enter the URL Endpoint and check any events you want to receive
6. Click the Register button

Testing Webhooks

To test your application for Webhook notifications, Voxeet provides a tool at webhooks.voxeet.com. You can register a Webhook listener service there and configure the service URL on the developer dashboard.