Aragon Research Ceremony

Stephane Giraudie

Aragon Research Ceremony – Voxeet Recognizes as 2017 Hot Vendor for Unified Communications and Collaboration

Last December 8, Aragon Research held its Annual Ceremony in Redwood City, Silicon Valley.

The ceremony rewards the “Hot Vendors” across all markets of the Enterprise Software after a day of Inspirational Tech Conferences coordinated by top experts in the industry.

Jim Lundy’s speech on the future of communication was one of the highlights of the night; Communications and Collaboration are evolving as an integrated platform offering.

New emerging providers are looking to replace legacy ones with new capabilities or a better offer.

It is in this context, that Voxeet received the “Hot Vendor” award in the Unified Communications and Collaboration space.

Businesses now want multiple UCC capabilities in one product, and Voxeet is a game-changer because it combines tools for real-time collaboration, such as 3D surround sound, video conferencing, screen sharing and call recording.

Innovation also lies in the gradual evolution of our behavior as we use less conventional telephone networks over VoIP systems.

On this specific point, Stephane Giraudie, Founder, and CEO of Voxeet commented: “As the world of communications switches to Internet Protocol, companies are able to adopt new, seamless workflows for their teams and their interactions with customers”

He added: “The Voxeet Team and I are honored to be recognized as a Hot Vendor in Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) by Aragon Research today”.

You can also read the official press release or Buy the full Aragon Research report on Unified Communications and Collaboration



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