Alternative to Tropo Cloud API for Voice and Messaging

Stephane Giraudie


Post-Tropo: Where to Go?

Tropo was a much-loved platform that provided developers with an easy-to-use API for voice calls. With Tropo, you could smoothly integrate voice call functionality into your website.

Unfortunately, Cisco has privately announced they’re closing Tropo to new customers, and are attempting to move existing Tropo customers to a new platform. Many current Tropo customers are upset about the change. If  you are looking for an alternative platform, where can you go?


Enter Voxeet

While many Communication Platforms-as-a-Service (CPaaS) technically do allow conference calls, they often lack key functionality that makes these calls a smooth process.

For instance, these platforms make it difficult to tell who’s signed on or off. Call quality is muddy or jittery, which turns every call into a frustrating, slow process. Connections drop with no warning.

But Voxeet has worked hard to resolve these problems, and fill the void Tropo left. Voxeet is a voice and video call platform that aims to fix conference calls with its revolutionary TrueVoice technology.

It’s powered by an easy-to-use WebRTC SDK that’s fast, reliable, secure, and provides crystal-clear conversations.


Because Voxeet has a unique PSTN gateway and intelligent media routing from several AWS regions, Voxeet makes low-latency, crystal-clear conversations possible, no matter how geographically far-flung your user may be.

And because it’s infinitely scalable, Voxeet is stable no matter how much traffic it sees. Even if your business sees triple-digit growth, Voxeet can scale with you.

All Under One Roof

Voxeet is designed to provide a single platform for all your communication needs. Its voice and video capabilities are its most highly-touted, but it also has several other features that set it head and shoulders above the rest.

The platform’s screen sharing and broadcasting make for seamless collaboration and easy presentations. Translation features let everyone participate, no matter where they’re from, and Voxeet’s call recording and transcription functions help you keep a record of what goes on.

Great Customer Success

Because some let you troubleshoot the software on your own, their clients experience a lengthy, glitch-ridden, frustrating integration process, and many give up on having very cool voice and video call integration in their app.

But Voxeet doesn’t share that ethos with its competitors. Voxeet’s tech support team is friendly, supportive and highly knowledgeable.

Customers have consistently praised Voxeet’s accessible and responsive support, who treats every team’s integration process as though it was their own.

Many companies have completed the integration process in just one week, meaning there’s less time and resources spent fussing over software, and more time collaborating and working.



Voxeet’s Voice Technology

One of Voxeet’s most innovative features is its revolutionary, proprietary TrueVoice 3D audio technology.

TrueVoice allows immersive surround-sound calls, while eliminating the call quality and talk-over issues that plague many conference calls.

Gartner Cool Vendor

Thanks to TrueVoice, Voxeet made Gartner’s 2016 “Cool List” of vendors to watch, with Gartner citing the “engaging experience” of Voxeet calls.

And Aragon Research listed Voxeet as a Hot Vendor in 2017, expressing confidence in its sound technology, real-time collaboration tools and mobile integration.


So Tropo users shouldn’t despair. Voxeet is ready to fill Tropo’s niche as a powerful, versatile alternative that allows crystal-clear, low-latency video and audio calls for your users, anywhere on the globe. Book a demo call with one of our expert, and see what can we do together.





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