Adding Real-Time Collaboration to One2Team’s Strategic Enterprise Work Management

Stephane Giraudie

One2Team had a simple mission: to give their users an all-in-one team collaboration platform.

They were almost there. Their platform offered a groundbreaking interface that simplified project management for complex strategic initiatives.

But their customers wanted more. While One2Team’s platform offered a peerless 30,000-foot view of the project portfolio, it lacked an easy option for immediate, immersive real-time connection.

Project Management WebRTC

Digging into the problem, One2Team realized what functionality they lacked.

When their customers wanted to switch out of their top-level perspective and collaborate in real-time, they would switch out of the One2Team platform, and launch a separate real-time video conferencing application.

For One2Team, this created two problems. First, it essentially gave customers to competing workplace collaboration apps.

But, even more problematic, it demonstrated a core way One2Team was not fulfilling its vision of providing a one-stop-shop for all project management needs.

Now that One2Team saw the problem clearly, the solution came into focus. They needed to add real-time collaboration to their application.

But how?

A Clear Problem, with a Fuzzy Solution


Developing an integrated real-time video application internally wouldn’t work.

The functionality would cost too much, and take too long, to develop and deploy in-house. One2Team quickly realized they needed to partner with an existing provider of real-time video conferencing to weave that firm’s functionality into One2Team’s existing application.

One2team Conference view

Easier said than done. Most video conferencing platforms failed to meet basic video and sound quality requirements.

They also took an average of 10 minutes to set up, and integrated poorly with other tools. One2Team didn’t want to slap poor video conferencing functionality onto their app, just to say they provided the functionality.

They wanted real-time video conferencing that met the standards of their other polished functionality.

Voxeet solved this problem. Voxeet’s audio and visual API provided immersive audio and video calls, that launched with one-click, and integrating fluidly into One2Team’s existing platform.

But Voxeet’s API offered more than just crystal-clear video and high-comprehension 3D audio integration into One2Team’s platform. Voxeet’s video chat API provided additional features that:

  • Automatically transcribes each video chat.
  • Attaches each transcription to its relevant project.
  • Deploys machine learning on the text to derive “next steps” produced within the video chat.

With these expanded features, Voxeet’s API gave One2Team more than high-definition video capabilities. Voxeet wove video chat tightly into One2Team to both simplify and enrich components of the project management platform’s core functionality.

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