Create 100% Custom Layouts for Your Video App!

Stephane Giraudie

Guess what?

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, cooking up a new feature you won’t find anywhere else…

Custom Layouts!

Voxeet already lets you add a wide range of video functions to your app— from high-def video conferencing, to zero-latency webinars, to real-time screensharing, and everything in-between.

But now, with our new Custom Layouts feature, you can control how each of your video functions looks.

That’s right— you can finally create layouts that perfectly match the rest of your app’s interface, giving your users a 100% cohesive experience every time they launch one of your Voxeet-powered voice & video functions.


Never Settle for Fixed Layouts Again

Other API providers give you—at most—two or three fixed layouts to choose from, forcing you to pick whatever pre-built interface is “close enough” to how you really want your voice & video functions to look.

The result: you wind up with an app that falls short of your own high expectations, and your customers receive a clunky, incongruent, and less-than-professional experience every time they launch your voice & video functions.

Today, we’re giving you a much more flexible option.

With Voxeet’s new Custom Layouts feature, you can now create a user interface that perfectly matches your vision for your app.

What’s more, you can create as many different layouts as you want, letting you design hand-in-glove interfaces for each of your unique video use cases.


How Custom Layouts Works

Voxeet now inserts “The Mixer” on all of your video calls. The Mixer is an invisible participant who silently adds your Custom Layout to three critical video streams:

  1. The live call itself, insuring your participants only see the interface you designed for them.
  2. All live broadcasts of the call, whether on HLS/RTMP, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Yahoo Live, or the like.
  3. Any recording you are making of the call.

In short: anywhere your video calls will feature the exact same Custom Layout anywhere you stream it or record it.

The Custom Layouts themselves are simple and easy to make.

We build ours in JavaScript, but you can use any web language you prefer (including React, Angular, and HTML).

So far, we’ve only let a few of our existing customers test-drive Custom Layouts, and it’s been fun to watch them run wild with the control and flexibility this new features offers their design team.

But now, if you’re an existing Voxeet user you’ll find Custom Layouts available to build out and deploy within your app. And if you’re not yet a Voxeet user, click here to grab your first 3,000 minutes for free— and be sure to send along a few screenshots of the Custom Layouts you build for your app!

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